Argus Cidery Malus Cuvee

Argus-CideryMalusCuveeThe Malus Cuvee pours pale yellow with hints of green and just a touch of cloudiness. Tart apple sauce, a bit of barnyard funk sweet herbs and lemon aromas rise up out of the glass in a pleasant parade. The stillness of this cider noted on the label confirms itself on the palate. Not a hint of bubble. It’s a medium weight cider that sports soft acidity and only a hint of tannin. It’s dry too, with no sugar weight to speak of. On the palate the Malus is very wine like. First comes slight notes of tart apple, then something int he vicinity of Christmas spice, some tart citrus qualities, a pleasant note of the bitter and finishing up moderately long with more apple and fresh herb. We like the idea of pairing the Malus Opus with grilled shell-fish and certainly with roasted vegetables. We’d like to see more acidity in the cider, but all in all this is a splendid cider that will be enjoyed by those looking for something dry, elegant and useful on the table.

Alcohol: 7.3%
Source: Texas
Fruit: Unknown apple varieties
Price: $26.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 3.5\ stars

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