Aspall Imperial English Cider

Aspall-Imperial-Cider-16.9_largeRichly colored with a dark gold robe made active with fast rising, very small bubbles. Perfectly brilliant. As the name of the cider suggests, the nose delivers up sparkles of sweet alcohol notes. Citrus aromas mingle with lovely floral elements. An edge of dark spice rounds out the aromatic profile. Despite the 8.2% alcohol (which you do feel on the palate) this cider remains slightly sweet. Bitter apple sauce flavors wrapped up in a bubble of alcohol heat form the flavor profile here. It’s a medium to large bodied cider due to the alcohol and the rich tannins. Acid scaffolding helps shape the structure. The finish hangs for a while. For those who like their cider on the stronger side, Aspall’s Imperial will certainly impress. Nicely structured with a lovely nose and sweet, strong set of flavors.

Alcohol: 8.2%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $6.99 / 16.9oz
Rating: 3\ stars

One Response to “Aspall Imperial English Cider”

  1. Kate

    Aspall has never disappointed me, and this is my favorite of theirs so far. I think they are a great value too, along with Sheppy’s, as an English import.


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