Bristol Cider Rackham

BristoRackhamThe Rackham from Bristol is their second of two hopped ciders. This bottling is produced using Braeburn apples. A cloudy foam hits the glass upon pouring until the foam settles and what remains is slightly opaque, muted yellow liquid with a ring of foam. This cider’s aroma is distinctly “IPA” with its sweet floral and sweet herbal character. The hoppy is strong in this one, leaving nary a crack in the window for any apple aromas to break through. However, a refreshing (and very sweet) citrus aroma is in the house. Structurally, the Rackham has a nice rack of tannin to support the drink that also sports a bit of acid n the middle. Little weight or structure is built around sugar. That citrus character we noted on the nose comes through in the flavor. This cider remains brightly hoppy on the palate but replaces the occasional bitter character one finds in hopped ciders with a lemony character. Unfortunately, not much more than a remnant of apple flavor can be found. In the end, this is a very beer-like cider for the obvious reason. And despite being nicely modeled and built to stand upright, we mourn the lost of most apple character. The lovely and bright citrus aromas save the day.

Alcohol: 7.5%
Source: Central Coast of California
Fruit: Braeburn
Price: $9.00 / 500ml.
Rating: 3\ stars

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