Brooks Dry Cider

Brooks Dry Cider is a California cidery located in Sonoma County, a growing and important spot for craft cider. The Brooks Dry sports a clear, pale straw coloring that lets a few bubbles here and there meander up the glass. Aromatically, we enjoy the tart to ripe apple aromas with its thin veil of herbaceousness. A slight note of sulfur is off in the corner. It’s hard not to like the Brooks Dry. Though, it is not dry, but rather off-dry. None the less, they made the best of the Fuji, Ginger Gold, Granny, Honeycrisp, and Red Delicious apples used in the blend. Semi-sweet green apple flavors are prominent and dominate on the palate. The cider possesses a very refreshing acid streak and a hint of astringency and tannin. The effervescence is evident but in no way overwhelming and the 6% alcohol is integrated perfectly. This is a very refreshing, easy to drink, likable cider that should gain a wide audience.

Alcohol: 6%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: Fuji, Ginger Gold, Granny, Honeycrisp, and Red Delicious apples
Price: $9.99 / 4 12-oz bottles
Rating: 3.5\ stars

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