Carlton Cyderworks Citizen Cider

CarltonCitizenThe Citizen pours a beautiful, rich-looking light amber, is clear and only offers up the fewest of bubbles upon pouring. The nose is a richly laden combination of cooked apple, freshly cut sweet apple, floral notes, a hint of cider must, intriguing cherry aromas and something slightly herbal. This cider that you want to keep dipping your nose in. Medium bodied, the Citizen has a forward tannin structure that makes it appear more substantial than its real weight. The tannins also diminish the impact of the very slight effervescence. As for flavors, well, this is tasty cider that leads, again, with those slightly cooked apple notes we found on the nose, but on the palate the musty/yeasty character is much more prominent. The cider’s sweetness…just a bare minimum…comes through on the long finish alongside a more substantial astringency from the well-built tannin profile. This is cider both refreshing and substantial. We recommend it highly.

Alcohol: 6.7%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: Kingston Black, Dabinett, and Yarlington Mill and other Traditional cider apples
Price: $8.95 / 17oz
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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