Cave de la Loterie Extra Brut Cidre Bouché

Cave de la LoterieThis Normandy cider pours with the most active and most foaming head I’ve yet encountered on a French cider. Once calmed, you encounter a whisper of cloud on an otherwise clear, gold/orange cloak. The nose is driven the by fresh, sweet, ripe aromas of apple. Notes of Normandy Funkiness cast a light veil over the stronger apple notes, while leaving the door open for hints of orange and lemon blossom. As one would expect (and hope) the body is built around the tannins of the bittersweet French cider apples that make up the solid core of this cider. However, these are lighter tannins than one often sees in this region’s cider. The effervescence makes a significant impact on the cider’s structure, as does an acidity that carries along the sweetness. The flavors are somewhat angular. That is to say that the strong apple notes aren’t integrated into the funky/yeasty flavors as much as we would hope. That said, these are fairly intense flavors that make an impression. The residual sugar dances nicely with the bitter notes and the tannin does a good job of keeping everything going well after the sip is gone.

Alcohol: 5.5%
Source: Normandy Paye d'Auge
Fruit: Traditional French Bittersweet Cider Apples and other
Price: $12.00 / 750ml
Rating: 3.5\ stars

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