Christian Drouin Pear Cider

Christian_Drouin_PoireThe Christian Drouin Pear Cider, hailing from Normandy, pours with a quick forming but soft mouse, then settles down quickly revealing a bright, clear golden color that carries fine bubbles from bottom to top. The nose on the Drouin is refined, but slight. Very bright and lucid lemon blossom seeps out of the glass along with a mineral and wet slate note. Finally, there is an interesting, but only slight, hint of petrol in the nose. The cider is light to medium bodied with an elegant roundness to it. A certain oiliness is evident to, but everything is wrapped in the cider’s strong acid foundation. Some tannin resides here too, but it is secondary. Allowed to warm up a bit, this cider’s flavors are rich and deep. The tart pear flavor is searing and linear and distinctive and is married beautifully with a sweet lemony note. An herbal note hits on the finish, but retreats as the lemony citrus character overtakes the finish. It’s a striking pear cider that craves something on the plate to balance out the tartness. All in all a very nice, very elegant, very distinctive cider.

Alcohol: 4%
Source: Normandie
Fruit: Plant de blanc, Muscadet, Tricotin, Avenelle and Poire de Grisse pear varieties
Price: $15.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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