Christian Drouin Sparkling Cider

ChristianDrouinBrutThe Normandy Sparkling Cider from Christian Drouin begins with a fine head of foam that quickly exists to reveal a rich, light amber colored cider that is slightly cloudy and moderately opaque. This is unfiltered cider made with native yeast. Let me urge my readers to swirl this cider heavily and let it sit for a while in the glass…perhaps even decant it. The nose possesses a decidedly funky character. Decanting this cider or letting it sit in the glass a while let’s the funk blow partially away….but in no way does it leave entirely. But this cider also sports a remarkable and distinctive orange/mandarin aroma that is a delightful addition. The cooked apple aroma mingles in too. This is a cider with a very complex and integrated set of aromas. The cider glides over the palate propelled by the full effervescence. Tannin and acid co-exist, lending a helping hand and pitching in to make this semi-sweet cider a full mouth experience. The flavor of apples is beautifully delineated, coming alongside a funky, bacterial note that does not overwhelm and sitting alongside subtle, simple herb flavors . The tannin and effervescence gives great support to the cider’s finish as well to the entire package. Again, I urge you to let this one warm up…a good twenty minutes in the glass out of he fridge is necessary to make this lovely cider sing. The Christian Drouin Sparkling cider is, finally, a remarkably good value.

Alcohol: 4.5%
Source: Normandy - Paye d'Augue
Fruit: A blend of 30 different varieties of apple varieties
Price: $12.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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