Cider Riot 1763 Hard Cider

CiderRiot1763Cider Riot’s “1763” Hard Cider is a tribute to the cider riots that broke out in England’s West County region in 1763 in response to a proposed four shilling per hogshead tax on cider. This cider begins with a riotously beautiful near-amber color that wells up behind a slight dance of bubbles upon pouring. One the nose the “1766” delivers a complex of ripe near cooked apple and warm yeast aromas along with a honeyed character. It’s very expressive. The cider’s body is dominated by some fairly profound tannins that overshadow an equally impressive acid core. On the palate, the ripe apple on the nose converts to a slightly underripe apple flavor, woody notes, and an interesting ashy character. This is rich, concentrated, dry cider. To appreciate the cider’s full brilliance its necessary to drink it chilled just to below room temperature. Additionally, the “1763” is built to be served alongside relatively substantial fare. This is beautiful cider that will remind us that the best cider is made with traditional cider apples. 

Alcohol: 6.9%
Source: Yamill County, Oregon
Fruit: Yarlington Mill, Harry Masters Jersey, Dabinette, Kingston Black
Price: $11.99 / 500ml
Rating: 4\ stars

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