Cidrerie Daufresne Poiré

daufresne-poireDaufresne’s Poiré is a clear, golden colored pear cider from the Normandy region of France that shoots minimal, medium-sized bubbles after an initial boost of foaming effervescence. High toned pear aromas mingle about with a bit of earth in the aroma and a sour note. This is an acid driven poiré with a good dose of tannins that linger on the side of the palate. The underripe to ripe pear flavors are particularly intense here. They carry a good deal of sweetness too, but no sensation of cloying appears in large part to the good acidity revealed in the drink. The overall impression is one of juiciness and intensity of flavors.

Alcohol: 4%
Source: Normandy
Fruit: Plant de Blanc, Fausset, Branche, Gros Gontier
Price: $12.99 / 750ml
Rating: 4\ stars

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