Clos des Ducs Premium Hard Cider

closdesducsThe Clos des Ducs sports a rich amber-colored liquid that supports a thick head of foam before dissipating to a clear cider delivering tiny, champagne-like bubbles. The nose is dense with pure apple aroma along with a thin layer of bread-y yeast notes. The body and structure is light to medium and built around substantial residual sugars that leave a thick, cloying character behind on the palate. The cider sports a nice balance of acid and tannin, but doesn’t possess the build of a cider constructed from bittersweet apples. Rich and very sweet apple flavors dominate the drink. The high degree of fruit sugars left over requires this cider to be nicely chilled. This is average sweet cider that will appeal to those drinking commercial ciders who may want to pay a little more and move up.

Alcohol: 5%
Source: Brittney
Fruit: Blend of traditional cider apples
Price: $7.00 / 750ml
Rating: 2.5\ stars

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