Clos Normand Brut

clos-normandClear, darkly golden and framing medium bubbles that rise swiftly, the Clos Normand Brut, a product of the orchards of France’s Normandy region, starts off very nicely. The aromas are dominated by straightforward fresh apple cider of the unfermented variety. It’s a very clean and very linear apple cider aroma that is going to appeal to the purists.  A light-medium bodied and fairly effervescent cider hits the palate at first sip. You aren’t burdened by much in the way of tannin, though they mingle along with the buzz of bubble-weight and good acidity. As for flavor, don’t be surprised if you are reminded of baked apple pie, particularly that combination of apple and brown sugar you are going to encounter. The sweetness is not overwhelming, but certainly a component here. The finish is shorter and more compact than many other Normandy cider’s we have reviewed. However, in all this is a very refreshing cider, very clear, very attractive and very easy to drink with pleasure.

Alcohol: 4%
Source: Normandy
Fruit: Unknown apple varieties
Price: 7.99 / 750ml
Rating: 3\ stars

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