Dan Armor Cuvée Spéciale Cidre Brut

dan-amor-cidre-brutThe Dan Armor brought to the states by Trader Joe’s offers deep gold coloring and persistent medium bubbles rising through a clear cider. A brooding yeasty character hits the nose first, followed by lightly cooked apple notes. Its medium bodied on the palate with moderate tannin notes that surround a moderate acid core. There is residual sugar here affecting the body, despite the claim that it is dry. Still, very nice balance. Flavors here are apple driven, migrating between fresh and cooked apple. There is a note of herbs that verge into an earthy character. Stronger tannins define the finish. This is by far the best of the three ciders that the Trader Joe’s chain has released. It possess a purity of character that easily places it inside the Northern French cidre category. A spectacular value.

Alcohol: 5%
Source: Brittany
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $4.99 / 750ml
Rating: 3.5\ stars

5 Responses to “Dan Armor Cuvée Spéciale Cidre Brut”

  1. Kate

    Very tasty! I agree this is a spectacular value. I was expecting drier, but was pleasantly surprised. This cider has an awesome rich flavor.

  2. Sean

    For $5 a bottle, an insane value. I bought 2 cases. A sip takes me right back to the East coast of France……


    Nous aimerions commander du cidre quell sont les modalitées? comment pouvons nous le commander

  4. Larry

    Very, very good….I’ve been working my way through the affordably priced ciders…to call this a spectacular value is not an exaggeration.


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