Domaine de la Minoliere Cidre Fermier Bio

minoliere-fermier-bioThe Minoliere organic farmhouse cider pours into the glass with a rush of foaming effervescence that eventually calms to a ring of suds and leaves behind a slightly cloudy burnt orange Normandy cidre. Out of the glass rise a set of earthy, yeasty, doughy aromas that wrap themselves around a ripe apple core of aromas. A bit of allspice and nutmeg appear to linger on the edge. It’s a medium bodied cidre that leans on a structure built around fine apple tannins. Most impressive about this cidre is the purity of the apple flavors that hit first upon drinking and that hang around long after the swallow. We are talking absolutely dead-on apple notes along with apple sugar sweetness, a bare note of bitterness and just the right amount of funk. And the finish is lengthy. Beautiful cidre from the Normandy region.

Alcohol: 5%
Source: Normandy
Fruit: Binet Rouge, Bisquet, Noel des Champs, Clos Renaux, Petit Jaune, Peau de Chien
Price: $10.99/750ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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