Domaine Johanna Cecillon Cidre Divona

CecillondivonaThe “Divona” from Brittany’s Domaine Johanna Cecillon pours forth with a creamy, thick head that disappears rather quickly leaving us with a slightly cloudy pale orange cidre. A note of farmhouse funk leads the way with the aroma, followed up quickly by burnt apple aromatics. In the background is a whisper of citrus aroma. Clove notes show up. Here is a beautifully flavored cidre with moderate apple sweetness, notes of funk that are clean and linear and easy to appreciate. The structure is driven by beautiful silky tannins that beg for a creamy cheese. No alcohol impression is presented or left and the length of this cidre is just wonderful. Aficionados of Northern France cidre will recognize this beautiful cidre as a tradition-bound, intensely flavored specimen of that great regional cider tradition.

Alcohol: 7%
Source: Brittany
Fruit: Estate grown Rouget de Dol, Locard Vert, Douce Moen, Pomme Poire, Marie Menard, Douce Coëtligné, Petit Jaune, Jurella, Judaine, Judor, and Inra 1364
Price: $17.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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