Domaine Johanna Cecillon Nerios Cidre

CecillonNeriosIt pours with a fine, robust mouse that dissipates rapidly to reveal a beautiful rich orange/pink liquid sporting tiny rising bubbles. The “Nerios” from this Brittany cidre producer delivers up a farmhouse nose of ground and funk with noticeable warm brown sugar aromatics along with hints of nutmeg. Immediately sweet on the palate with cooked apple flavors, rustic layers of bitter spices and a slight vegetable note. Texturally this is richly endowed with tannin that coats and puckers the entire palate, suggesting it is best consumed with something rich and creamy to tame the tannin. The heat of alcohol wraps around the tannin. This is very assertive cidre that demands attention the way a flamboyant hussy might dance and tease the boys. The bitter note stays around a bit too long.


Alcohol: 7%
Source: Brittany
Fruit: Estate grown Bittersweet
Price: $17.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 2\ stars

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