Eaglemount Homestead Semi-Sweet Cider

Eaglemount SemiSweetEaglemount’s Semi Sweet Homestead cider begins with a quick finishing foam, leaving behind a clear, golden cider with medium to large bubbles. A product of Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula, the cider begins true to its “semi-sweet” designation. The first sign of its label fidelity is the sweet appley nose reminiscent of fresh milled ripe apples. Beneath the apple aroma lay citrus notes, a hint of fresh bread and faint levels of minerality. On the palate its a medium bodied cider that trades more on acidity than tannin, giving it a racy texture with just a little roughness around the edge, all smoothed by silky sugars. Flavors? Lots. This is a fairly intensely flavored cider that is first and foremost strewn with fresh,  slightly sweet apple flavors, a slight bitterness on the finish, and more minerality. The finish is medium in length. This is a very nice hard cider that draws you in with a very seductive nose and doesn’t hold out. A lovely effort. 


Alcohol: 8%
Source: Olympic Peninsula
Fruit: Estate Grown Heirloom apples
Price: $14.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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