Eden 2012 Heirloom Blend Ice Cider

EdenHeirloomEden’s Heirloom Blend pours a beautiful, rich golden color, offers a crystal clear presence and looks thick. The nose is full of sweet, ripe apple notes with apple pie aromas including the brown sugar and cinnamon spices you would expect. On the palate a velvety weight helps this ice cider spread across the palate. While there is no discernible tannins forcing this cider forward, a lovely strike of acid provides excellent balance to the sweetness that. And despite a 10% alcohol level, there is no heat to speak of. On the palate the sweet apple flavors literally explode. This is intensely flavored cider driven by apple, an orange/lemon citrus blast, and candied citrus rind. The slightest hint of bitterness informs the finish but it is nothing to complain about. This beautiful cider is a blend of traditional and heirloom cider apples including Ashmead’s Kernal, Calville Blanc, MacIntosh, and Empire. In the end, this is a beautiful dessert cider that will accompany a variety of sweet treats and cheeses wonderfully.

Alcohol: 10%
Source: Vermont
Fruit: MacIntosh, Calville Blanc, Ashmead's Kernal, Esopus Spitzenburg and other Heirloom apple varieties
Price: $25 / 375ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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