Eden 2012 Windfall Orchard Ice Cider

EdenWindfallThe Windfall Orchard Ice Cider blooms in the glass with a light amber/orange appearance that sits crystal clear in the glass. This is just a tease for what’s next. High toned apple aromas slide into warm honey aromas, all of which is surrounded by a distinct cloak of ripe pear. Then, buried deep…hits of Five Spice. Really. A beautiful and seductive nose on this ice cider. Remarkably, this sweet, succulent cider delivers a brightness to the palate. Both well-integrated acidity as well a dollop of tannins give this cider balance and a rich, abundant, moderately weighty body…and all still so bright. None of these exciting qualities, however, eclipse what one encounters on the palate. Rich, intense, piercing sweet apple flavors simply explode. The honey on the nose doesn’t follow, however. Rather, the ripe almost syrupy apple flavor partners up with candied lemon flavors and a spicy note on the finish. This is a gorgeous dessert drink that rivals the finest dessert wines made in America. It is apple distilled down to its essence and enveloped in a coating of citrus spiked apple sugar. Beautiful.

Alcohol: 9%
Source: Vermont; 100% Windfall Orchard
Fruit: A blend of 30 different heirloom apple varieties
Price: $30 / 375ml
Rating: 5\ stars

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