Eden Imperial 11° Rosé Cider

edenimperial11rosephotoEden’s latest edition to their sparkling cider line up is a bit of a departure for them as it is produced not merely from apples but also with red currant juice. The result is a decidedly salmon-colored, clear cider that arrives in the glass with a splash of foam, which eventually dies back to reveal a beautiful liquid. Aromatically it is an apple-driven nose with hints of darker fruit as well as an unctuous, sweet character. Nothing herbal nor funky on the nose. On the palate it’s the acidity that hits first, followed by a sprinkle of sparkle, followed by a discernible tannin character that runs over the mid palate. It’s medium bodied with a refreshing character. The flavors here are really well-developed and even dense. A note of sweetness is introduced along with a complex mix of ripe red apple, strawberry, mandarine orange and the faintest hint of yeast in the background. The 11% alcohol is barely detectable. Superb cider that can certainly be drunk all on its own to refresh, but really deserves to be considered alongside more substantial table offerings like pulled pork, grilled salmon, and even a winter cassoulet.

Alcohol: 11%
Source: Vermont
Fruit: Traditional and Heirloom Apple Varieties and Red Currant Juice
Price: $14.00/750ml
Rating: 4\ stars

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