Eden 2011 Northern Spy Barrel-Aged Ice Cider

EdenSpyThis brilliant golden/amber ice cider has that alluring appearance of well aged Sauterne. Another kind of drinker might call it finely aged whiskey. The nose on this one strikes hard with apple aromas and distinctive spice notes. Sweetness on the nose is also accompanied by vanilla and butter notes. The the sugar and alcohol and fruit intensity weight this cider down on the palate, but the bright acid comes to the rescue and makes the cider sing. On the palate the flavors are explosive, intense and forward. Caramel apple flavors coat the palate, followed in short order by caramelized pineapple, and notes of mandarin orange. In the end this cider is only a tad warm from the relatively high alcohol level. Nevertheless this is highly distinctive cider that drinks very clean and bright. Eden makes this ice cider from a single apple variety, the Northern Spy. This alone is unique. However, the barrel aging this specimen gets gives more weight than it otherwise would.

Alcohol: 10%
Source: Vermont
Fruit: 100% Northern Spy
Price: $32.00 / 375ML
Rating: 4\ stars

One Response to “Eden 2011 Northern Spy Barrel-Aged Ice Cider”

  1. Kate

    This stuff sounds awesome! Too bad its so expensive, as I just can’t bring myself to pay that much for a small bottle of cider.


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