Eden Sparkling Dry Cider

EdensparklingEden’s first sparkling, dry cider pours with a beautiful light to medium gold color and sports a dutiful foam after hitting the glass that calms itself in seconds. What remains is a perfectly clear cider from Vermont. The nose is unmistakably under ripe and ripe apple notes. These are paired with a spicy character that verges on eastern. Lime notes rise out of the glass along with the barest hint of funk or earth or something less fruity. On the palate you get a medium weight cider that is made lively by the presence of the eponymous “sparkle”, a healthy dose of citrus-like acids and tannins that cling to the side of the mouth. There is no hint of the 8% alcohol. The best part of this lovely sparkling cider is the flavor. It’s nicely complex and adult. Though “dry” we detect the slightest hint of sugar that will be apparent to most people willing to look for it. But more importantly, the flavors come together wonderfully blending notes of unripe apple, intriguing mustiness, minerals, lemon, herbs and hint of the bitter. There’s a lot going on in this cider to enjoy and like. It possesses elegance with just a but if rough around the edge.

Alcohol: 8.5%
Source: Vermont
Fruit: 50% Kingston Black, Heirloom and Traditional apple varieties
Price: $10.00 / 375ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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  1. Brenda Eckard

    I live in Georgetown TN (near Chattanooga). Can you tell me where this cider may be sold?


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