Eric Bordelet Sidre Tendre

bordelet_sidreTendreThe “woosh” of foam, bubbles and mouse that wells up in the glass upon pouring eventually settles down to a fine, misty foam on the edge of the glass to reveal a light amber-colored cider with a beautiful cast of small, rising bubbles. The nose is a study in purity with the ripe apple aroma cutting through everything in its way. A slight note of over ripe apple appears as does a hint of barnyard. There’s seduction going on here. On the palate you get a medium bodied, effervescent cider that sports a beautiful acid/tannin/sugar balance. The intensity of the apple flavor may have something to do with the cider’s off dry status, but I think we are looking at truly intense apple components, not just sugar and it’s delightful. There is a pumpkin pie quality also on the palate along with plop of yeasty notes. This beautiful cider finishes very long, coating the mouth, but not in a sticky sort of way due to the impressive tannin structure. This is terrific French cider That can be served in a host of settings from the aperitif round through dessert and on to the cheese course. Finally, at only $10.99 a bottle this is spectacular value.

Alcohol: 4%
Source: Normandie
Fruit: 20 Different Varieties of Traditional Normanie Cider Apples
Price: $10.99 / 750ml
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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