Etienne Dupont 2012 Cidre Triple

EtieneDupontTripleA golden pour of fine clarity and a quickly diminished mousse. The bubbles that rise are quite fine and quite delicate. Here the resemblance to traditional Normandy cider ends. This is cider triple fermented. The first fermentation works with the natural sugars. The second is a reaction to added sugar. The final fermentation takes place in bottle in reaction to a dosage that provides the cider with its carbonation. This is the first Normandy cider we have reviewed in which an element of alcohol is apparent in the nose. Additionally, one perceives savory, smokey and herbal note in the aromas. All this blankets a very reticent aroma of wilted, old fruit. It is undoubtedly an interesting set of aromas. The palate is dominated at once by the feeling of the cider’s carbonation and also a significant amount of bitter tannins. The tannins give this cider a feeling of weight. As for flavors, one needs to first be willing to appreciate bitterness as a fresh bitterness dominates the flavor of this unique cider. Additionally, there is a distinct meatiness here that ends up mingling with the constant bitter notes through the long finish. A sour note in the flavors, along with a hint of the Calvadosian, is here. Finally, along with the its appearance on the nose, one is exposed to the flavor of alcohol. It is entirely dry, so don’t spend time hoping the sugars will appear. This is not refreshing cider, but rather something very complex and weighty that probably requires richer foods to frame the meaty, tannic, savory nature. We think the makers achieved exactly what they hoped for with this cider, setting it apart as something distinct and unique and showcasing how cider can be a complex, hefty drink if it wants.

Alcohol: 8.5%
Source: Normandy - Paye d'Auge
Fruit: 100% Bittersweet Apples, Primarily the Mettais variety
Price: $13.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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