Eve’s Cidery 2013 Autumn’s Gold Sparkling Dry Cider

AutumnsGoldEvesThe 2013 Autumn’s Gold lets loose with a torrent of bubbles and foam upon pouring that can be heard as well as seen, but fairly quickly calms itself to reveal a golden, clear cider sporting persistently rising small bubbles. It makes an entrance. If you want a little more of the show, just swirl the glass vigorously. The nose on the Autumn’s Gold is somewhat muted. It needs to be allowed to sit, warm and open up. A combination of citrus and dried apple lead up out of the glass, followed by an herbal note that speaks of thyme and lemon verbena. In the mouth it’s very lively due largely to the effervescence and acidity, which taken together can startle wake up the palate. Still, it is light bodied and battened by a sturdy array of tannin. The cider is dry. Apple flavors come first and they are distinctly sour apple. Citrus—primarily lemon—insinuates its way into the apple streak of flavor. Fresh, somewhat bitter greens seem to hit the mid palate, similar to arugula. it’s an interesting combination. This is elegant and slightly austere cider that begs us to find a good food match. We found the combination of duck liver pate with its fats to work perfectly.

Alcohol: 8.5%
Source: Finger Lakes Region
Fruit: English and French bittersweets and bittersharps
Price: $13.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 3.5\ stars

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