Eve’s Cidery 2013 “Beckhorn Hollow” Sparkling Dry Cider

evesbeckhornA product of primarily American heirloom cider apples and English heirloom varieties, the “Beckhorn Hollow” begins by offering a golden sheen of liquid after dispensing with a moderate fizz just out of the bottle. Small to medium persistent bubbles born of an in-bottle fermentation rise bottom to top. First out of the glass is the fresh, ripe apple aromas that are Eve’s calling card for so many of their ciders. Following along come aromas of summer peach, apricot and a yeasty/bready note pulling up the rear. One the palate this is lively cider that’s attack is driven by sparkle and supported by a superb dose of bracing acidity. It’s dry on the palate, but not austere. The flavors here evoke notions of melted sunlight. Apple flavors that are bright and tart mix with virtual lime and kumquat flavors. There is a distinct mineral and near salty character on the tongue too. The finish is supported and lengthened by Beckhorn Hollow’s dose of tannin. I’d be very interested in tasting this wine three or four years down the road to see how the fine acidity and 9.5% alcohol sustain it and let it develop as it ages. A young, bright, pretty, well-built cider.

Alcohol: 9.5%
Source: Eve's Cidery Home Orchard
Fruit: American Heirloom Cider Apples, Traditional English Cider Apples, Emphasis on Golden Russet and Ashmead's Kernal
Price: $13.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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