Eve’s Cidery 2013 “Darling Creek” Semi-Dry Sparkling Cider

EvesDarlingThe 2013 Darling Creek pours with a fervent head of foam that expands quickly then dissipates, leaving behind crystal clear golden cider with a persistent yield of the tiniest bubbles. On the nose you receive an intense blast of sweet ripe apple, very reminiscent of Normand Cidre. Inside the ripe apple aroma lies notes of apricot, honeysuckle and a hint of toast. But ultimately the ripe apple drives this cider. On the palate the Darling Creek is medium weight, effervescent but doesn’t spark as much as you might imagine upon pouring. Beautiful balance of acid and tannins. As for the sugar, this is cider is more dry than semi. But stick around for flavors. As you would expect, apple flavors are dominant. Drying green apple lines up along side bitter orange rind, sweet herbs, a bite of lime and finally something earthy on the finish. This is very elegant and substantial sparkling cider that packs in a lot of love.

Alcohol: 8.5%
Source: New York
Fruit: English and French bittersweets and bittersharps, American cider apples and proprietary seedling varieties
Price: $13.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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