Eve’s Cidery 2013 Northern Spy Sparkling Dry Cider

evesSpyThis single variety cider (rare) produced from the Northern Spy apple, sports a pale gold color that forms in the shadow of a pretty active head of foam from the pour. Aromas of ripe apple with a connected green/vegetal note pushes up out of the glass to mark an interesting nose on this Spy. There is also a distinct mineral/slate aromatic note and the barest hint of Riesling-like kerosene. It all makes for a very interesting sniff. Medium in body and a discernible creamy quality, the cider is more acidic than tannic, but not terribly so. Finally, while notes as “dry” on the bottle, there must be a touch of residual sugar here as one can both feel it on the palate as well as taste it. And speaking of taste, this cider tastes delicious. But let me first advise you to let it warm up. Trying to get at what this cider has to offer while it is frigid will lead to disappointment. However, once left to warm, this cider  is absolutely brimming with juicy apple, what fresh mown grass must taste like, a ripe lemony-ness, and the slightest hint of an earthiness distinguished form the mown grass. The finish leaves a certain juicy pucker behind on the palate along with a hint of bitter. Like so many other Eve’s bottlings, the 2013 Northern Spy is defined by purity, complexity and freshness.

Alcohol: 8%
Source: Eve's Cidery Home Orchard — Finger Lakes District
Fruit: 100% Northern Spy
Price: $13.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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