Eve’s Cidery 2013 Perry Pear

EvesPerryEve’s Cidery 2013 Perry Pear is produced from a blend of English Perry varieties and a good amount of Bartlett grown in the cidery’s orchards in the Finger Lakes district of New York. It pours with a show of bubbles, then settles down to reveal a beautiful clear faded rose hue with spectacularly tiny bubbles rising upward. It is a very pretty drink. The aromas are begun with sweet (almost candied) fruit that speaks to pear, golden cherry and baked apple. The aromas are fairly intense and consistent. On the palate sparkle and acid attack first. Tannins are there, along with the weight of sugar, all of which adds up to a medium bodied perry. The flavors in the Perry Pear start with sweet fruits that taste of pear, apple and peach. At the same time a bitter note mingles with a distinct floral or soapy character. The finish on this Perry gets its oomph from the fruit’s tannin, which lingers and retains the fruit and bitter notes for quite some time all across the palate. I’m torn by this Perry. The nose and body are impressive, intense and complex, yet the bitter note on the palate is consistent.

Alcohol: 8%
Source: Cidery's Home Orchard in the Finger Lakes District
Fruit: 60% blend of Brandy, Barland, Normanschin, Blakeney Red, Butt and Gin, and 40% Bartlett
Price: $13.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 3.5\ stars

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