Eve’s Cidery 2012 Albee Hill Still & Dry Cider

EvesAlbeeCrystal clear and brilliant gold, the Albee Hill from Eve’s is entirely still and doesn’t give up an single bubbling orb upon pouring…as it should be. Now, you are going to want to spend some time with this cider’s aromas! The nose is among the most interesting I’ve ever confronted. There is a petrol character in the nose a la an aged, dry German Riesling. But you’ll also note a sort of sweet soy sauce character right next to the ripe apple aromas, the wet stone and floral notes. Though the petrol and soy sauce character blows off after a time in the glass, it never really leaves and it gives the cider a very unique, interesting and inviting character. On to the body. This dry, still cider is perfectly balanced. Perfectly! Velvety tannins mingle with excellent acidity that never gets too assertive, but rather supports the tannins. The Albee Hill is best described as medium in weight, but it completely enlivens the palate. The flavors in this cider are formidable. Imagine sherry without the oxidation, rich lemon citrus, a slate/graphite/wet cement character and dehydrated apple slices. And it all comes together in a way making it both extraordinary as well as difficult to peel apart. The Albee Hill is made from a particular block in Eve’s Albee Hill Orchard. It is apparently a hillside block that sports shallow, slate soils. I’d like to see those soils and that vineyard one day as this is one of the finest ciders we have ever tasted. Spectacular. Unique. Delicious. This is the apple transformed.

Alcohol: 9%
Source: Albee Hill Orchard, Geneva, New York
Fruit: Unknown apple varieties
Price: $11.00 / 750ml
Rating: 5\ stars

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