Eve’s Cidery 2012 Bittersweet

EvesCideryBittersweetEve’s 2012 Bittersweet sports the color well-aged hay bales and delivers a nice foaming upon pouring that disipates fairly quickly upon pouring. The nose gives the distinct impression of an apple aging room. It is a decidedly appley aroma that wafts up with a hint of stewing. Underneath that cloak of apple you’ll get at the hints of honey a beautiful orange blossom aroma. It’s very attractive. It’s a medium weight cider that sparkles on the palate, delivers refreshing and noticeable apple and has a linear astringent streak to it. By this I mean the appearance of tannin seems separate and easily descernable. The flavors? Tart apple, mandarin orange, bitterish notes, and stone or graphite. There is hint of sweetness here despite what I think is a cider with very little residual sugar. Finally, this cider is very long, lingering on the palate for quite some wonderful time. This is beautifully crafted, pure cider that possesses a wonderful balance and sense of integration among its parts. Delicious.

Alcohol: 9%
Source: Geneva, New York
Fruit: American, French and English traditional cider varieties
Price: $14.00 / 750ml
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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