Eve’s Cidery “Essence” Ice Cider

EvesEssenceClear rich, thick, deep amber liquid hits the glass upon pouring this ice cider. The aromas are seductive. sweet, stewed apples, apricot jam, honey. The drink is almost as fun to smell as it is to drink. The great fear with a cider like this is that it is going to lack acid and be a cloying mess. Those fears are dispelled immediately. A fine acid component underlies this semi-thick cider that adds a citrus component, but also allows the liquid to cut across the palate like skates upon ice. The flavors follow the aroma with sweet apple, sweet apricot, notes of honey and then, on the edge, a distinctive pineapple character. The Essence should be served chilled (though not ice-cold) as it will become cloying if too warm as most sweet ciders will. This is a beautiful dessert cider that is perfectly named.



Alcohol: 12%
Source: Geneva, New York
Fruit: American, French and English traditional cider varieties
Price: $25.00 / 375ml
Rating: 4\ stars

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