EZ Orchards Hawk Haus Cider

EZOrchardHawkHauseEffervescent in the style of champagne with its quickly rising tiny bubbles that move vertically through a light golden-colored liquid, the Hawk Haus from EZ Orchards confirms Kevin Zelinsky’s mastery with the apple. Subtle aromatic notes of underripe apple combine with mineral and herbal aromas along with a fresh yeasty character. This cider is light bodied and unencumbered by any thick sugar or overly alcohol weight. The effervescence combined with a well-balanced core of both acidity and tannin provide a perfect structure for its flavors. Here the apple is transformed neither into sweet or overripe apple nor tart underripe apple. Instead one is offered a sort of intense core of apple flavors that are simply pure. Some yeasty notes appear alongside a distinct mineral character on the finish. This is blend of Jonathan and Yarlington Mill varieties grown in the EZ Orchards estate in the mid Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Alcohol: 6.6%
Source: EZ Orchards - Willamette Valley
Fruit: Jonathan and Yarlington Mill
Price: $9.00 / 500ml.
Rating: 4.5\ stars

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