Fanjul 2013 Sidra Natural

FanjulNaturalThis traditional cider from the Asturias region of Northern Spain delivers the rustic, cloudy appearance of gold tinged with green that you expect from these simple, unique ciders. There are no bubbles sported. Just opaque golden-yellow. The Fanjul incarnation of Asturian cider delivers a bit more of the apple fruit aromas on the nose than many other natural ciders from this region. However, the tangy character and the funk is certainly front and center. There is an herbal note on the nose too that provides a freshness to the waft. On the palate this is  light bodied cider with fine, crisp acidity, very moderate tannin, dry and still…marking it as a great choice for a thirst quenching quaffer. Tart lemony flavors and hints of new vinaiger—the tang—contribute to the freshness that defines this cider. A dry hay flavor is prominent too. Despite the fact that this cider is a bit hollow in the middle, I have to repeat what a beautifully refreshing drink this is. It doesn’t sport as much of the acetic acid character than many Asturian ciders do, nor is that nearly as much funk. But still it is altogether that traditional cider from Northern Spain that is so unique and pleasant.

Alcohol: 6%
Source: Asturias, Spain
Fruit: Traditional Spanish Cider Apples
Price: $10.00 / 700ml bottle
Rating: 3\ stars

7 Responses to “Fanjul 2013 Sidra Natural”

  1. David

    The bottle i just bought must have corked. It can only be described and tasting and smelling like drinking the liquid in which olives had been brined.


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