Farnum Hill Extra Dry Cider

FarnumLogoFarnum Hill Cider is the grandad of craft cideries. It’s the the cidery that all new cider producers ought to look to and say, “Thanks” for keeping the tradition alive and taking the craft serious. Located in New Hampshire and connected to Poverty Lane Orchards where they grow an impressive variety of cider apples, Farnum Hill. Farnum Hill makes beautiful ciders that can and will continue to serve as leading examples of the craft cider marketplace.

Farnum Hill Extra Dry CiderLightly Golden and lightly sparkling, the Farnum Hill Extra Dry Cider crystal clear and beautiful in the glass. It is colored similar to a Sauvignon Blanc. The cider’s nose is pushed by tart apple, yeasty/fermentation notes, orange blossom and a mineral quality that all adds up to another sophisticated Farnum Hill cider that trades on complexity in the nose. It’s light bodied on the palate and the spritz close to non existent. Light yellow apple flavors lead the way here followed by generic citrus flavors. And again, you’ll note a mineral or chalky quality at the end. I detect the slightest hint of residual sugar in this cider, despite its name. I could be wrong. Nonetheless, it is only the slightest hint of sugar. Finally this is the second Farnum Hill Cider I’ve tasted that finishes very long, that has flavors that linger for a very long time. This is a very desirable trait. I’d want to serve this with grilled chicken, mixed grill brochette, fresh goat cheese or a summer evening.

Farnum Hill Cider
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Alcohol: 7.5%
Source: Poverty Lane Orchards in New Hampshire
Fruit: Late Harvest Apple Varieties
Price: $17.99 / 750ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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