Foggy Ridge Sweet Stayman Hard Cider

FoggyRidgeLogoLocated in eastern Virginia, Foggy Ridge produces handcrafted, estate ciders sought after by cider connoisseurs across the country. The ciders are produced from Foggy Ridge’s own orchards where a number of different cider apples are raised. The Sweet Stayman cider is one of the cidery’s primary offerings and features a blend of Stayman apples with other heirloom apples.

Foggy Ridge Sweet Stayman Cider


foggy-ridge-sweet-stayman-hard-cider-virginia-usa-10347762RATING: * * * * of 5

A light golden color with a tint of green. Miniscule bubbles rise slowly in the glass. The nose gives off a first whiff of stewy stone fruit and apple sauce. There is a distinctive brown sugar/cinnamon on the palate too that is just lovely. Light on the palate and noticeable but not overreaching carbonation. The acidity is in excellent balance; not overarching, but seemingly perfectly built for light residual sugar in this cider. A beautiful set of richly flavored apple notes hit the palate. This slightly sweet apple flavors are beautifully delineated. The citrus flavors are secondary and well-behaved here. A beautiful balance of components defines this cider. Sweet, acid, bitter, tannin…it all comes together. This is outstanding cider that can be sipped and drunk all on its own or paired with any number of dishes from grilled meets to roasted pork tenderloin to an arugula salad with fresh goat cheese.

Foggy Ridge Cider


Alcohol: 7%
Source: Eastern Virginia
Fruit: Stayman, Grimes Golden, Cox's Orange Pippin, other heirloom varieties
Price: $16.00/750ml
Rating: 4\ stars

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