Guzman Riestra Sidra Brut Nature

RiestraBrutOn pouring, the Guzman Riestra delivers on the promise inherent in the sparkling wine cloak that is a package that could easily be mistaken for a Champagne, high-end Cava or American sparklers of repute. The foaming effervescence is identical to a sparkling wine. The color reflected off the perfect clarity of the liquid is a rich golden and the bubbles that energetically climb their way to the top of the glass are very fine and very persistent. The nose delivers a decidedly apple-driven melange of shy notes of the typical Spanish cider sour, guava, and the tiniest yeasty character. This cider announces itself as something much more sophisticated than typical sidra. The weight and feel on the palate of this cider is driven entirely by the forceful effervescence that is omnipresent. Under the bubbles is a really fine balance of acid and quite detectable, and refreshing tannin to pique the tongue. This sparkling cider is entirely dry. As for the flavors, while that typical acetic acid tang is evident here, it is not nearly as domineering as in most other Asturian natural ciders. Instead, that apple aroma on the nose delivers on the palate, making this a very refreshing drink. There is a mineral note in the flavors too. Finally, the flavors are long, lasting well beyond the swallow. This is absolutely delicious sparkling cider and an excellent and exciting example of new generation Spanish cider. This could very easily replace Champagne.

Alcohol: 8%
Source: Asturias, Spain
Fruit: Traditional Spanish and French Cider Apples
Price: 18.99 / 750ml
Rating: 4.5\ stars

3 Responses to “Guzman Riestra Sidra Brut Nature”

  1. Eric West

    One of the world’s best ciders, no question in my mind. Most sparkling ciders I find to be one-dimensional, but this has so much going for it.

  2. Edu (CiderGuerrilla)

    As you know Eric, I agree totally with you. Brut Natures ( totally dry) are always a challenge for cidermakers.

    Even when I think that every cider should have at least no less than 12gr residual sugar in order to respect the soul of the apple, I know a few who can get a tasty and complex cider with no residual sugar. This is one of the best examples worldwide.


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