Henry Hotspur’s Hard Pressed Spiced Cider

henry-hotspurSpicedThis is a novelty cider produced exclusively for Trader Joe’s and should be no problem for many to find. Light gold in color and pushing small bubbles, this spiced cider is fine to look at. Additionally it is as advertised. The back of the bottle description ends with “tastes like apple pie in a bottle.” Whatever apples were used to produce this cider were wasted and knocked over by the extraordinarily strong allspice aroma. Yes, clove and cinnamon make an appearance, but the allspice character is simply abundant and overwhelms. This is extraordinarily sweet cider, cloying and sticky. As with the nose, the taste is completely controlled by huge additions of allspice, clove and cinnamon. The apple is hard to discern. The finish is akin to liquified allspice and very unpleasant.

Alcohol: 3.5%
Source: unknown
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $2.49 / 22oz.
Rating: 1\ stars

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