Horse & Plow Farmhouse Cider

HorsePlowFarmhousePale gold, clear and brilliant with quick rising small bubbles introduce this “Farmhouse” cider from Horse & Plow in Sonoma County. True to its name, this cider sports a bit of a farm-floor aroma—a combination of bready yeast, earth, and wet newspaper. “Funky”, in a word. But there’s more. Tart green apple sits in background along with a line of mineral notes. On the palate you get a follow through from the nose along with a great gathering of tart-to-ripe green apple and a hint of savory bitterness. There is even a kiss of sweetness on the finish. Another light to medium-bodied cider from Sonoma County’s Horse and Plow that sports excellent textural balance. Probably best to chill this down a little bit. The effervescence and acid supports the drink, but this cider trades more on great flavor and aroma, rather than a structure built around significant acid or tannin. A beautiful cider.



Alcohol: 8%
Source: Sonoma County
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $12.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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