Le Brun Organic Cidre

lebrunorganiccidrePossessing a burn orange color, decent effervescence that subsides after the pour, the Le Brun Organic Cidre is a Brittany-produced cider made in the region’s traditional low alcohol, sweet style. Aromatically this cider could not be mistaken for anything other than a northern French cider. Distinctive overripe apple, a supple dank aroma and candied ginger rise up out of the glass like they’ve got somewhere to go and quick. The palate is composed of a nice balance of acid and gritty tannins with a certain weight delivered a la left over sugar. On the palate, burnt apple sugars spread out everywhere and carry along with them an earthy and woody character, that is decidedly second to the sweet apple notes that dominate this attractive cidre. The finish is relatively long and consistent. At only 4% alcohol you can choose to sip this beauty along with some nice brie or slam it and go back for me (which you most certainly will). Easy drinking and somewhat complex, the Le Brun Organic Cidre is a lovely rendition of the Northern France style of cidre. And at $10.99 per 750ml. bottle is an outstanding value.

Alcohol: 4%
Source: Brittany
Fruit: Peau de Chien, Kermerrien, Douce Moên, Marie Ménard,
Price: $10.99/750ml. Bottle
Rating: 4\ stars

One Response to “Le Brun Organic Cidre”

  1. Alex

    Desse bilda osar av sommar. Her kan ewin verkeleg finne "freden og roden" i ein elles travel kvdanag.Hrrmoaisk komponert, perfekt til stemningen som blir formidla :)God sommar til deg ogsÃ¥ 🙂


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