Le Lieu Cheri Cidre Fermier Brut

Le Lieu CheriProduced by Norman apple growing family that has been at it in the Paye d’Auge for four generations. The Le Lieu Cheri has that distinctive Normandy richly gold color with an active head upon pouring and is crystal clear. The aromas lead with a determined musty/tangy character that won’t be beat into submission by the underlying cooked apple character that wants to fight its way through. If you are patient and dig down deep, you can also find those clove and allspice aromas that struggle for attention. Light bodied, but wrapped snug in a blanket of chalky tannin, laying on a small pillow of residual sugar. Once you’ve got this in the your mouth the bittersweet French cider apples do a much better job of breaking their way past the funk. And that’s a good thing. These are ripe to cooked apple flavors that possess a brilliant purity. Here on the palate the funk is toned down, but still takes equal place with apple flavors. The spice note is subdued. The finish is all about ripe apple and tannin, leaving a distinct and lasting impression. This would not be mistaken for anything other than Normandy cidre, however it is in a much more rustic style than many of the more refined cidres that make their way out of the region.

Alcohol: 5%
Source: Normandy Paye d'Auge
Fruit: 20 different varieties of French bittersweet cider apples
Price: $12.00 / 750ml
Rating: 3\ stars

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