Loic Raison “1923” Brut French Cider

loic1923This low alcohol cider from Brittany begins its journey with a richly golden robe that verges on orange and and sports fast moving and abundant bubbles. The aromas is straightforward, dense baked apple. There is the slightest hint of barnyard, but its slight. One the palate this isn’t complex, but rather a lovely rendition of sweet apple. And despite its designation as “Brut”, this cider comes off as being at the very north end of the brut spectrum. Its structure is built around a relatively significant amount of sparkle and a decent tribe of tannins. All this helps the sugar go down. This is not a complex cider, but it is a clean, well-made and satisfying cider. And with its 4.5% alcohol you can drinking while flying a kit or while operating machinery with no moving parts.

Alcohol: 4.5%
Source: Brittany
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $10.20 / 750ml.
Rating: 3\ stars

3 Responses to “Loic Raison “1923” Brut French Cider”

  1. harvey A zinszer

    Amazing great taste, not too sweet, a full enjoyment of Brut, love by us and all of our guests that came to dinner. It is something new to them.

  2. john

    just bought this bottle today and paid 3 euros for two bottles so looking forward to drinking them

  3. Sylvia Hadland

    We so enjoyed this cider at Mo Jo s on Anglesey. Would like to order some. Is this possible?


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