Mawby Wild Sparkling Cider

mawbywildThe Mawby Wild bottling pours with a whoosh of foaming effervescence then settles to reveal a salmon-hued cider. The aromas range from light red berry to fresh apple to fresh dough. There is cleanliness all around. Texturally this is a round, somewhat buttery cider that showcases its acidity on the mid palate in light doses. A light set of tannins are on show, but are a side note. The Wild displays a bitter/sweet apple and red fruit combination of flavors that is medium in length. Wild is finished with a cherry brandy and Montmorency cherry concentrate dosage. It falls on the elegant side of the cider spectrum, a sparkling cider that could easily engage barbecue, roast chicken, grilled shrimp and a number of other dishes. All in all a very nice cider.

Alcohol: 7%
Source: Michigan - Leelanau County
Fruit: Northern Spy and Ida Red
Price: $15.00/750ml
Rating: 3.5\ stars

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