Mayador 2014 Sidra Espumante

mayador2014EspumanteThe foaming beginning gives away the cider’s sparkling nature, but the bubbles die down quickly leaving behind a brilliantly clear, richly hued golden liquid in the glass. The rising bubbles are medium to large and relatively few. Aromatically, the notable Asturian sour profile is evident, but subdued. The sidra possesses a barnyard note that lifts up in a primary way. Underneath you find hints of sour apple, and something woody or earthy. On the palate you are hit first with the sidra’s sweetness, which is reminiscent of the sweetness found in a sweet and sour pork dish. Ripe apple is found stuffed in here too, but the flavor profile is fairly one dimensional. The effervescence gives the drink real action and its fine acidity levels provides additional structure. The finish is a bit abrupt. All in all a nicely built cider that is marred by a bit of stall droppings on the nose.

Alcohol: 5%
Source: Asturias
Fruit: Traditional Asturian Cider Apples
Price: $14.00 / 750ml.
Rating: 2.5\ stars

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