Mayador 2014 Natural Cider

Mayador2014NaturalThe Mayador Sidra Natural 2014 arrives in the glass with a spark of bubbles that dissipate, leaving behind a slightly cloudy, golden hue. It’s aromatic profile is decidedly Asturian. Soft wafts of lime blossom and citrus peel, notes of nail polish and vinegar along with undertones of ripe apple all come together in an aromatic parade. This is assertive Asturian cider with a deep sour core, citrus flavors, and sparks of underripe apple flavors. Mineral notes round out the palate experience. It’s both dry and still with and excellent acid structure that give is a dynamic verve on the tongue. The finish on this fine cider is long and persistent. It would be a perfect foil for grilled shellfish or a warm summer afternoon. Lovely cider

Alcohol: 6%
Source: Asturia
Fruit: Traditional Asturian Cider Apples
Price: $10.00 / 700ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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