Moa Apple Cider

MoaCiderThe Moa Apple Cider from Moa Brewing in New Zealand has a crisp, clear golden appearance with a dearth of apparent carbonation. The aromas are pure green apple, ranging from underripe to ripe. Notes of savory herbs mingle in there too making this a simple, clean straightforward smelling cider. On the palate….more of the same. Fresh, sweet apple is the name of the game here with more of a ripe apple set of flavors and a bit of lemon on the edge. It’s a little sweet and built more around an acid structure than tannic. No sign of alcohol heat and very slightly carbonated. The Moa Apple Cider is a refreshing, state-of-the-art popular-style cider that works great during the summer months. Nothing too complex or interesting here, but it’s clean and lively.

Alcohol: 5.6%
Source: New Zealand
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $9.00 / 750ml
Rating: 2\ stars

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