Neigel Vintners Gingerly Bold Hard Pear Cider

NVGingerlyBoldThe Gingerly Bold Hard Pear Cider pours with a color reminiscent of beautifully ripe pear flesh. It is a cloudy drink and sports bubbles that happily cling to the sides of the glass. As for the aromas, the name of this cider does not lie. Ginger aromas flood out of the glass in fairly intense fashion, unfortunately disguising any pear notes (or any other aromas) that might be floating around. This is lightweight on the palate, delivers only slight effervescence and possesses the pull of light tannin and decent acidity. Flavors? Again, it’s pretty hard to escape the infused ginger. It’s pretty much all over this cider. The finish delivers a shot of pear to the taste buds, but you imagine that pear had to put up a pretty good fight to get through. In the end this is indeed refreshing pear cider, but it possesses such an overwhelming ginger component that unless you genuinely adore ginger, you might want to consider using this cider as a mixer in a cocktail. I’m thinking 2.5 parts the Gingerly bold, one part gin, some egg white, shake and make a beautiful GinGin Fizz.

Alcohol: 5.3%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: Unknown
Price: $9.99 / 250ml Four-Pack
Rating: 2.5\ stars

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