Neigel Vintners Pearfect Pie Hard Pear Cider

NV-PerfectPieThe Pearfect Pie from Neigel Vintners appears a bit cloudy, with little or no head and is colored a muted hay. The aroma on this pear cider do not scream “pear”!!  They scream “Spices”….yes, baking spices as you might imagine from the name of the drink. There is also a sweet savory quality in the nose that reminds us teryaki beer jerky. And no, I’ve never encountered this in a cider, either pear or apple. On the palate an appealing sparkle arrives to temper a bit of sweetness. There is nice acidity in this drink and its necessary. The flavors combine the sweet ripe pear and brooding vanilla. The finish provides a nice introduction to tannins that help keep this pear cider feeling fresh on the palate. It takes me a bit of effort to set aside the teryaki beef jerky character in the nose. Absent this character, you have a nice cider on your hands.

Alcohol: 5.2%
Source: Unknown
Fruit: Unknown Pear
Price: $9.99 / 250ml Four Pack
Rating: 3\ stars

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