New Avalon 2015 Bartlett Perry

avalonbartlettperryProduced from Bartlett pears grown at Fortunate Farms in Delta, Colorado, this perry comes into the glass with a typical pale yellow pear color. The perry is a bit cloudy too and sports slow rising bubbles. An aromatic set of ripe pear, apple, orange blossom and honey all come together in beautiful harmony. The aromas are enticing. The structure is medium bodied and made up of primarily acid and bubbles. On the palate is an interesting citric acid character that I’ve noted in two other Avalon ciders. The barest note of residual sugar sparkles through on a carpet of pear, apple, and the slightest bitter note. This is very refreshing perry, very nicely built and long on the finish.



Alcohol: 6.5%
Source: Colorado
Fruit: Bartlett Pear
Price: 10.00 / 500ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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