New Avalon 2015 Filigreen Cider

newavalonfiligreenThe burnt orange/salmon-colored cider derives its name from Filigreen Farms in Anderson Valley, California, the source for the apples used in this new cider. The nose carries a sweet aromas of caramelized apple sugar, honey and green apple around the edge. There is a ripe succulence to the nose. This is medium to large b0died cider that trades on a lovely balance of acidity and tannin as well as soft swells of effervescence. Flavor-wise this is a pretty complex cider. Ripe and green apple, citric acid, a hint of farmyard, a bitter note on the mid palate and something herbal. It’s easy to keep going back and back for something more. My only issue with this cider is that its finish is both a bit short and a bit dominated by that citric acid character, but beyond this its a very interesting cider and very enjoyable to drink. The apples used are grown on a biodynamic certified farm.


Alcohol: 6.8%
Source: Filigreen Farms, Anderson Valley, California
Fruit: Unknown.
Price: $10.00 / 500ml.
Rating: 4\ stars

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